Popular Services

Property Clean Up


No matter what time of year it is we can keep up with your lawn cleanup. During the Fall we offer services including leave removal with the possibility of mulching them into your lawn. Other services include first and last mowing of the seasons, fertilization and winterizing trees, garden beds, and shrubs. The build up of leaves on your lawn can cause mold and mildew to start growing as they create optimal conditions to destroy your lawn. Neglecting lawn clean up can also become very costly during the spring months due to the need for reseeding lawns to balance out the damage done during previous months. During the Spring we can clear away branches and leaves.


Mowing Landcare


Here at Green Garden construction we want to work with you for your lawn care wants and needs. Mowing your lawn has many benefits not limited only to cosmetic. When your lawn is mowed it grows in a nicely uniform. We are able to compost your lawn clippings for added benefits to your yard. We can also seed your lawn with the addition of proper watering. Proper lawn care can increase the health of your yard making it grow dense and lush. Repeated improper mowing can decrease the density of your lawn and can cause it to turn brown and unhealthy.